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    Feed grade vitamin D3 powder
    Vitamin D3 crystal
    E1 grade urea-formaldehyde glue(environmental sound)
    E2 grade urea-formaldehyde glue(environmental sound)
    Trimethylamine hydrochloride

    Shanghai Yaojing Auxiliary Co., Ltd., founded in March 1991, is located in European Industrial Park, Zhuangxing Town, Fengxian Dist., Shanghai, China. Close to major expressways, the company enjoys convenient transportation. The company has an occupied floor area of 5600 sq. meters, building area of 3400 sq. meters and greening area of 1200 sq. meters.

    Currently, our major product is Vitamin D3, which is used as feed additive to enhance the animals' absorbing of calcium and phosphor to boost the growth of animals; and which can also be used to manufacture drugs for the treatment of rickets and osteoporosis and can promote the absorption of calcium of the elderly. Our annual production capacity of Vitamin D3 reaches 24 tons, with an annual output value of 55 million RMB.

    The company now has 56 employees including 2 medium- to senior engineers, 2 senior engineers, 4 middle management personnel and 1 safety engineer. Our high-caliber professionals ensure the high quality of products and the good safety of production. Advanced technologies and equipments as well as strict management enable us to satisfy the needs of customers. With first-class services and high sense of responsibility, we are your most reliable partner!

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