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    Feed grade vitamin D3 powder
    Vitamin D3 crystal
    E1 grade urea-formaldehyde glue(environmental sound)
    E2 grade urea-formaldehyde glue(environmental sound)
    Trimethylamine hydrochloride

    Feed grade vitamin D3 powder

       Vitamin D3 is in the form of even global granules with good fluidity. It uses the BHT as anti-oxidant. It is specially designed for animals' feed. In each Vitamin D3, there are about 110,000 micro particles with diameters ranging from 150μm to 425μm.
    Structural Formula:
    Molecular Weight: 384
    Molecular Formula: C27H44O
    [ Specifications ]
    Appearance: white to light yellow global granules.
    Content: 500,000 lu/g,
          All 100% passing through 850μm  (US 20-mesh standard sieve).
          At least 90 % passing through 425μm  (US 40-mesh standard sieve).
          Max. 10 % passing through 150μm  (US 100-mesh standard sieve).
    Bulk Density:  around 0.60g/cm3.
    Use ]
        Vitamin D3 is used for the prevention of rickets of animals; regulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus.
    [Suggested Use Level]
        1000-5000(IU) per kilogram feed.
    [ Stability ]
        Vitamin D3 is both chemically(water, oxygen, minerals, acids, alkalis) and physically (temperature, pressure and friction) stable, which ensures the high quality of feed.
    [ Mixing ]
         The physical features of Vitamin D3 (granularity, particle size, bulk density and fluidity) ensure the even and stable distribution of Vitamin D3 after being mixed with other feed, and can prevent the isolation during transportation and handling.
    Storage ]
        In original packing, stored in places with temperature under 20℃. Useful life is 12 months.
        Please wear mouth protector and protective clothing to avoid the inhalation of excessive dust. If the product is swallowed, pls. seek medical help.
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