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    Feed grade vitamin D3 powder
    Vitamin D3 crystal
    E1 grade urea-formaldehyde glue(environmental sound)
    E2 grade urea-formaldehyde glue(environmental sound)
    Trimethylamine hydrochloride

    Vitamin D3 crystal

    General Name : Vitamin D3
    Spec.: 40 million IU/g
    Assay(%): 97.0-103.0
    Standard: BP2002, USP28, CP2005
    Structural Formula:
    Appearance: colorless needle-like powder or white crystalline powder.
    Specific optical rotation: +105? +112?ethanol, anhydrous)
    Absorption coefficient: 465-495(at 265nm wave length)
    Solubility: very easily soluble in ethanol, acetone, chloroform or ether; insoluble in water.
        It is used for the prevention and treatment of rickets caused by the lack of vitamin D as well as osteoporosis of the aged; in the manufacture of composite reagents, especially AD reagent. It is also added to milk, food and drinks to supply vitamin D.
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